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Thoughtfully curated gift boxes for every occasion.

Our Story

The Story

Well, hellooooo there! First, I want to thank you for visiting Bon Vivant. I'm a native Texan that grew up in a small town south of Houston called Hitchcock (Go Bulldogs!), and moved to Austin in 2004. Like so many others, I fell in love with the city and am proud to call it home. Starting back to my first job in the restaurant business when I was 16 years old, I've continued to be in roles that were heavily customer service and sales-oriented. I absolutely thrive on making other people happy and providing excellent service, which led me to a career in Executive Recruiting. While working for a local executive search firm, I realized that it was far too challenging to find unique gifts for our clients that offered the convenience of delivery in Austin. This stuck with me and when I had the opportunity to pursue the burning desire to start my own business, I decided to try and solve this problem while also following my passion for gifting and being creative. Alas, Bon Vivant was born. Well, at least the idea was...

The Name

Once I knew what I wanted to do, I struggled with the perfect name to encompass this unique gifting service for months! After going through what I thought was just about every possible name myself and the internet could come up with, my dear friend Laura nailed it. She had perused a thesaurus and came across Bon Vivant, a French term which translates to a person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle. Oh hey, that's me! The more I thought more about it, I realized this is exactly how I want people to feel. No matter what your lifestyle or occasion, I want every gift from Bon Vivant to help make the recipient feel extra special. YOU DESERVE IT. THEY DESERVE IT. We all need to take more time out for ourselves and surround ourselves with people and things that we love. In todays world, we are all pulled in so many directions and strive to make our lives simpler and more efficient. Getting the perfect gift for a special person and occasion should not be stressful!

I am so grateful and proud to be able to offer a service that puts careful thought in to creating unique and thoughtful gifts. I have extensively researched and tested each product, and created each box to deliver an amazing experience that I hope you enjoy.

Happy gifting! xoxo, Steely Dipuccio & my beloved assistant pictured above, Chopper