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Thoughtfully curated gift boxes for every occasion.

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Please include name of box/bag or if building a custom one, please let us know what you'd like to include and how many of each box/item. Please specify what size/price point you want if ordering one of our curated gift boxes.
Who would you like the envelope addressed to and what would you like for the card to say? If ordering multiple boxes at once, please let us know who gets what and what you want each card to say.
We only hand delivery to Austin zip codes 78701, 78702, 78703, 78704, 78745, 78746, 78730, 78731, and 78751 for $13-18/delivery. We ship everywhere throughout Austin and nationwide (standard shipping rates apply).
We need full name and address of recipient, including the company name if being delivered to a place of business. Please do not forget to include Suite/Unit/Apt numbers, gate or entrance codes if applicable, and anything else we need to know to make the delivery.
Recipient's Phone Number *
Recipient's Phone Number
incase we have problems/questions with the delivery. We will only call if we have issues making the delivery.
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Preferred Delivery Date:
We do not hand-deliver on weekends but we do ship Monday-Friday and we make local deliveries Monday-Friday between the hours of 12PM-4PM.
We will do our best to deliver any local gifts during the time you choose, but please keep in mind on busier days we may be running behind. If you're shipping a gift, just leave this part blank.
Do you want black or ivory shred? Would you like to include a dried flower bundle on the outside of the box? Do you have any branded items you'd like to include?