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Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart


Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart

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Eat Pretty is the first book to bring beauty to the table with a collection of seasonal, anti-aging foods and recipes packed with essential beauty nutrients that nourish healthy skin, hair, nails and a youthful body from the inside out.

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  • Written by Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP - a beauty editor-turned health coach
  • Why eating fresh, seasonal foods nourishes your beauty with exactly what it needs during every month of the year
  • 20 recipes that will inspire you to sip, snack, and serve the foods that make you glow
  • More than 85 of the top beauty foods for each season
  • What you need to stock in your beauty pantry so you'll always be ready to make a beautifying meal
  • Which foods and nutrients target your specific beauty concerns- from skin to hair, nails, energy, weight and mood
  • How your daily food and lifestyle choices can slow down the aging process and keep you looking younger longer
  • Ideal beauty meals that fit your body's needs during each season of the year
  • How to set seasonal beauty intentions that will inspire you to follow a beautiful path all year long
  • How to fine-tune your daily habits and your inner health (digestion, hormone balance, sleep, emotional health) to support radiant beauty

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