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'Be Your Own Boyfriend' by Kaneisha Grayson


'Be Your Own Boyfriend' by Kaneisha Grayson


Decide to be happy, unleash your sexy, and change your life.

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  • Candid, inspiring, entertaining and sassy, Be Your Own Boyfriend combines a blend of personal experiences from around the world, advice from happiness and relationship experts, and practical action steps to create a fun and friendly wake-up call for contemporary women who are waiting on a relationship to hit the "start" button on their lives. Be Your Own Boyfriend provides clarity and enlightenment for issues such as: How to find and eliminate the invisible threats to your happiness What it means and how to respond when he says he "doesn't know what he wants" Easy ways to seem less needy (and actually mean it) Why actively pursuing your dreams will make men come running Whether you are single, dating, in a relationship, or a "complicated" situation, Be Your Own Boyfriend is the must-have guide that will show you how to craft a vibrant personal, social, and dating life. By following this book's spot-on advice, you'll release situations that are holding you back and attract the opportunities, experiences, and relationships you've always wanted into your life.
  • Written by Kaneisha Grayson - Author, Entrepreneur and Harvard Grad

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